February Mystery SAL

With 1st February, I was busy with another new project . . . beginning the Mystery SAL of the month with Hélène & Mahélia.  Yep, no sooner does one SAL end than Hélène has already concocted a new mystery for us to stitch and solve.

This design is going to be 58 by 74 stitches, and there are 13 colours.  I decided to break away from the usual aida (which I usually prefer for mystery SALs as it’s easier for counting) and cut myself a piece of “natural” Trento evenweave. 

Stage one looked like this

SAL fev Claire1

hmmmm . . . I thought I could see the outline of a dragon, or at least the beginnings of something with wings.

Then came stage two

SAL fev Claire2

and that looks more like hair . . . maybe we’re stitching a cupid?  It is the February SAL after all ^^  Stay tuned for next updates.


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