Christmas was late and birthday is early

Seem to be somewhat out of synch with celebrations in our new house ^^  Christmas was late since we waited for our offspring to arrive to celebrate that.  And my birthday is early because my other half had a gift idea – a tactile tablet – but wanted me to choose the actual model. We went round shops but couldn’t find much choice, so I ended up on amazon last week and then reading up on the pros and cons of various models.

Since I finally made my choice, I clicked and bought . . . and the parcel arrived mid-week so I opened it ^^


I chose a LG Gpad V700 – which has a 10” screen.  And I chose it in RED ^^


This is the first tactile gadget to cross the thresh hold in our house.  Our mobile phones are ye olde models, therefore “tactile” is totally new.  I had been reassured by younger generation that it would all be very intuitive . . . and after a couple of hours of frustration and not having a clue what I was doing, I was surprised to find that “Yes!” it is actually very easy.  I’ve more or less got the hang of the “touch” and “swipe” lol . . . and have been having lots of fun.

No crafting has been accomplished these past few days because I’ve been playing with my new toy. And playing is the word, because I’m practising my touch/swipe skills with a couple of games lol.  It’s not because I’m grey and wrinkled that I can’t play games Tire la langue but they have to be fairly simple and let me do things at my own pace.  For example




I have also added a few books to my library . . . one, so that my husband can use the tablet too


with 12 recipes for delicious things to do with foie gras


and some bed-time reading for me


Obviously, I’m also discovering all the other joys . . . taking photos, filming the animals, chatting on skype (scaring myself half to death when I opened in video conference mode and saw yours truly on screen), emailing, surfing on the internet . . . I might be way behind the times with modern technology, but I’m now doing my best to keep up lol.


4 thoughts on “Christmas was late and birthday is early

  1. Lovely gift and it sounds like you’re getting to grips with it nicely. When I got my first touchscreen phone two years ago, I had immense difficulty in swiping on the thing. I’ve got the hang of it now though 🙂

    • yes that’s why I never got a tactile phone lol was afraid the screen would be too small. However, with a 10″ pad, it’s a lot easier.

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