Christmas isn’t over

Well Christmas wasn’t over in our house and I’ve had a few late surprises to open.  A lovely hand-made card from Sabrina dropped through my letter box


and I also received two belated xmas gifts from second son and his girlfriend



Isn’t that little lop-eared bunnie a cutie?  So much detail in such a small design, I don’t know how Fido Stitch Studio does it, but I’m really looking forward to stitching this little chap/lassie.

A final photo to show you . . . but actually to ask for your thoughts.  MIL had given me a box of fabrics and various crafting stuff, and I found this.


Unfortunately, MIL isn’t well enough at the moment for me to ask her exactly how to use these two contraptions, and I was wondering if anyone knew what they were called, so I can google and do some research.  In the box, there was this orange woven square, which must have been made using the bigger square “comb” thingie – it looks like it’s woven, so I imagine I need to find a large needle to do the weaving.  So if anyone can help with either a name, or a link, I would be very grateful ^^


14 thoughts on “Christmas isn’t over

  1. What an awesome surprise with the Christmas Card. It’s adorable. Cute charms. What a sweet looking rabbit can’t wait to see it stitched up. That looks like a loom type of thing. I think Looms are coming back again.

  2. fun Christmas gifts! That set of looms is quite nice – I don’t know the name of them, but have my grandmother’s. I made scarves with the squares I made from hers – the pins are close together, so mine works best with lighter weight yarn. If you can find a needle longer than the loom is wide, it will be easier, but in a real pinch a small sized crochet hook can work.

  3. Ooh I like the loom thingy 🙂 I think you can also knit tubes of knitting with these. When we were kids we used to use 4 nails hammered into a wooden cotton reel and the knitted tube went down through the cotton reel hole. Then we twirled the skinny knitted tubes round and round and stitched them into all sorts of things like teapot stands. We used to call it French knitting. Your version is much bigger but it’s the same idea. You can weave over the top or knit flat or tubes. Very clever!

  4. I think regular knitting crochet is faster. Looms can be used to make socks etc they are all the rage here again in Australia. Coming in many shapes and sizes with and without pegs. Even the little knitting Nancy like Avis’ s cotton reels are available in stores.

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