SAL “Friendship Quilt”–another block

Avis and I have agreed to slow down the pace on this SAL, to give ourselves more time to do other crafting inbetween. Which means we’re only aiming to stitch one block per update – and I think it’s definitely a sensible idea.

Here is my block for this stage – bringing mine to a total of nine (we still plan on doing a total of 25, so a long long way to go).

9 blocksThese blocks (not the blackwork ones) are from a chart “Friendship Quilt V “ by Whispered by the Wind.  You can see Avis’ progress on Sewing Beside the Sea.  And progress of all other SAL-ers (who are working on completely different projects), on the following links:  Gun, Carole, KateAlison, Jule, Elisabeth and Wendy.


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