waste not want not

“Waste not, want not” seems to be a motto rife in our family. Whatever it is, we have a hard time parting with things that “might come in useful” . . . and while we had a good clear out before the move, we still managed to keep some old (quite frankly, fit for the tip) bits and bobs. A couple of things we really should have thrown away, but didn’t were these


and two of these


Pathetic, aren’t they?  The first one is a broken swivel chair that used to have a back which did get thrown out at some point. However, I kept the swivel stool part because it’s just the right height for when I’m sitting at my sewing machine.  The other stools are those ergonomic do-dads, supposedly to keep a good posture when sitting at a desk.  They had both seen better days too, and the black fabric, no matter how much I tried to keep it clean, constantly picked up cat fluff and threads.

Now . . . still on the waste not want not theme . . . I was going through a box of fabrics that MIL had put to one side for me . . . and came across a pair of trousers that were in the fabric box because the bum seam looked like


I have no idea whether MIL was planning on repairing these seams lol and whether they found their way into the fabric box by mistake . . . but they gave me an idea!

Out came scissors and Allen keys, for dismantling . . . and a couple of hours later, here’s what my pathetic stools look like.



and, wait for it . . .put your sunglasses on . . . prepare to be dazzled lol



Re-covering took me a lot longer than anticipated because the staple gun decided not to work, so I ended up having to find another way.  Anyway, I am very pleased with my recycling but my favourite piece has to be my “new look” swivel stool!  I almost went for something slightly less 70s, but I’m glad I went with my first impulse.  I love it ^^


16 thoughts on “waste not want not

    • no, I’m not a big fan of the kneeler stools either, but the cats like them ^^ and they’re handy to keep in guest room for somewhere to sit

    • with needle and thread ^^
      I did a sort of running stitch all around fabric, and then pulled so that it took on shape of seat. Then went around again with needle & thread, sewing even tighter. It’s underneath so it doesn’t show.

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