another little happy dance

Although I didn’t make any official resolutions for the New Year, because I very rarely keep them, I did make a mental note to myself that I need to finish off some of the many cross stitch pieces I completed over the years and just bunged in a drawer. I suppose it was when we were packing and sorting last year before the move that I realised just how many pieces I had in my drawer ^^  Add to that, the vast fabric supply I have managed to hoard . . . so really no excuse not to do some sewing.

In August I stitched a free blackwork design BLACK CAT


using DMC 310 and Threadworx “Mosaic”.  That variagated thread, going from purple to green to turquoise, is one of my favourites ^^  Anyway, I thought about making a cushion cover but Threadworx threads are not colourfast, so wouldn’t be suitable for an item that would need washing.  So . . .



I made a wall-hanging instead.  This floral fabric seemed perfect and I also used four buttons (the same as for my most recent patchwork bag) when I attached my loops.

Another happy dance ^^ and I hope to have many more this year.


11 thoughts on “another little happy dance

  1. That’s lovely. You’re so good at finishing things.
    I’m feeling quite inspired to do something with the contents of my finished cross stitch drawer. I think there are about two dozen small to medium pieces sitting in there 😛

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