Claire’s been busy with sticky tape!

I have indeed spent a very productive afternoon with my double-sided sticky tape ^^ I favour the strong stuff that is sold for carpets, believe it or not, in all good DIY shops.  The only thing is, it really does STICK and tends to stick to scissors too – so I always need to give my paper scissors a good clean with nail varnish remover after a crafting session.

Anyway, bet you’re wondering what I’ve been sticking?  And the answer is CARDS.  Throughout 2014 I stitched lots of small free designs, which I have shown you along the way, but I never actually officially finished them off as cards.  Today, however, I have!

Here is what I have to show for my afternoon.


Fourteen cards – yay!  Now, I do have to admit that I don’t make the actual card part – I cheat on that and always make sure I have a good supply of aperture cards in my drawers.  This means that I always have plenty of choice and can usually find a card that suits a particular design.

As I wrote above – all these cards were made using free charts downloaded on the internet . . . so I will include links to designers in the following close-up photos.

First of all . . . two designs by Aliolka


A cute little penguin by Corinne and a blackwork by Wyrd Byrd


And then . . . the following are all designs by Lindashee.






I do hope both Lindashee and Avis will notice that I’ve made use of Christmas gifts ^^  Little red heart buttons from Avis, because the aperture wasn’t quite big enough for the stitched heart to be shown, so I added a button instead.  And several cards with some ribbon – thank you Lindashee ^^

Anyway, I’m very pleased with my stash of cards and hope to stitch lots more free designs over the coming year so that I can make some more!


16 thoughts on “Claire’s been busy with sticky tape!

    • yes same here. I just bung all small finished pieces into a pouch and forget about them. Some of these designs were stitched early 2014 so it’s taken a full year ^^

    • well I do like to fit lots of little stitching projects in my year. A great way for using threads leftover from larger projects and kits. And when you look at the price of cards these days . . . I prefer to make my own whenever possible.

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