SAL “Friendship Quilt” update

The last three weeks have flown past, since our last SAL update.  Christmas got in the way, but also other less festive stuff, which I won’t go into here.  Anyway, the result is that it’s been slow going.  I’m not the only one who’s finding the going slow due to other commitments though.  Avis and I have decided to ease the pace up a little – we’ll still be doing 3-weekly photo updates, but we’re only going to aim for one block per stage.

When life calms down a little, and daylight makes it easier to stitch, we might pick up the pace again.  The important thing is to carry on stitching ^^

I showed you this photo last time


which makes my update look very modest, because I only managed to finish off that already started block.


Overall picture looks like this


I think our SAL-ing partners have also been slowing down . . . but why don’t you check their blogs and see for yourself?  Gun, Carole, Eleanor, Alison, Jule, Elisabeth and Wendy.

Next update on 25th January.


9 thoughts on “SAL “Friendship Quilt” update

  1. I often have to remind myself that stitching is my hobby and meant to relax me, not give me more stress! I do tend to put a bit of pressure on myself to get things finished sometimes. I do think your quilt design is really beautiful!

  2. What OkeCrafter said ! My words exactly. I’m learning ( after all this time ) not to put pressure on my self…
    Your cross stitch work is beautiful 🙂

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