can’t break with tradition lol

It’s a tradition among stitchers (or so I believe) to begin a new project on the first day of the New Year, regardless of however many other projects are in the WIP basket ^^.  Now, this year, I didn’t actually manage to do any stitching on Jan 1st, but I did pick up needle and thread yesterday evening . . . and began a brand new project.


Doesn’t look much so far, and it isn’t . . . but it’s going to be a very relaxing, soothing design to work on, along with all my other stitchings.


I was very naughty and ordered this for myself just before Christmas because sewandso had already started their sale, and this kit was “only 2 left” and 60% off. How could I resist?  Well, obviously, I couldn’t Sourire

You’ll be seeing photos of this over the coming weeks/months, as it grows.  What I love, apart from the quote and the gentle colours, is how I’ll be able to chop it up into parts, and work on completing each area as I go.

Oh, and while I’m here . . . a few more thank yous . . . to Cath, for this gorgeous New Years wishes card and two bookmarks


and a thank you to Sandrine


Just look at that dinky little skating boot !!!


Isn’t it cute???  I’ve never seen a tree decoration like this before – so original and the fabric choice makes it so stunning!


4 thoughts on “can’t break with tradition lol

  1. I love the cross stitch kit .. what a beautiful piece! Its perfect for working in stages and all your goodies…very nice 🙂 Happy stitching

  2. That’s a lovely project and looks like a fun one to stitch. Of course, now you’ve mentioned the Sew and So sale, I’m having to restrain myself from popping over for a quick look…

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