This photo, taken only yesterday, is the last of Gandalf sleeping with Le Bleu and Merlin.


Last night and this morning, heart and lung condition got drastically worse.  Gandalf died this afternoon and we have buried him at the foot of a plum tree in our orchard.


19 thoughts on “Gandalf

  1. So sorry to hear this Claire, especially so soon after losing one of your other cats during your moving period. It looks as though he was well loved and will give you some wonderful memories.
    Alison x

  2. I am so sorry, Claire. What a rough period it has been for you with regards to pets. I am sure he will love his spot under the plum tree, which I am sure has many interesting birds and small creatures to entertain him.

      • well, I am sure you will either grow accustomed to the number or change it! I know when we lost Tigger, we determined that we would get no more cats until we were cat-less. Allie especially was not good in a house with three cats. Here we are 6 months later, and she is just returning to her normal, pre-Tigger self. But when I see cute kittens, or older cats in need of a home, it is very hard not to bring them here. How are your other boys doing with the loss? They have never lived without Gandalf, have they? It will be interesting to see the dynamics change.

      • yes, I’m not sure if it will be possible to introduce a new cat into the family, even if I wanted one right now. Le Bleu (the youngest) was bottle fed by me from age of 3 weeks and he really is a very exclusive cate. He put up with the other cats because they were part of the family when he arrived, but he really makes Merlin’s life hell sometimes.

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