what did Claire get for Christmas?

As you know, my husband and I actually bought a new house only recently, so after that, I wasn’t really expecting anything for Christmas lol.  However, family and friends thought of me, and I was a lucky girl, with lots of surprise presents to open.

My sister, who knows I’m a “Miranda” fan, sent me this


I’m going to have to wait until my husband goes back to work before I watch it though. He doesn’t mind the occasional episode of “Miranda” but I think it will be asking too much of him to make him sit through her entire one-woman show ^^

Avis, my friend in England, sent me some lovely surprises (sorry about bad photography)

A wooden box in the shape of a cat, which is actually a secret puzzle box, with hidden compartments; a purple long quarter and a hand-stitched keyring with a buzzy bee on one side



and honeycomb on the other side.  You can see the cat box, all opened up . . . and inside, were hidden, some red heart buttons and some bobbin & scissor embellishments.  Thank you Avis.

From sister & brother-in-law . . . we received some lovely mugs and a watering can candle.


I also received a new cardie . . . which is very warm, and the cats all agree, is very nice to cuddle up with on our new 2-seater couch which we picked up on 26th December, so I suppose that was a Christmas present too ^^



Eldest son and ‘Titia gave me a book from my wish list . . . for someone who collects kokeshi dolls like I do, this is a real treat.


And from my daughter, Lindashee . . .


This is one of her new designs : “Aquarius” (not available on her blog, and just for me lol).  And along with the box . . .


lots of crafting goodies.

More surprise mail too, from blogging friends . . .


a gorgeous fabric butterfly from La Pie Kikou as well as some bookmarks.


a 3D card from Stéphanie, and some bookmarks


and a beautiful card from Titane


So lots of wonderful goodies . . . I feel totally spoiled.


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