place mats for eldest son & ‘Titia

Family Christmas present opening was belated this year, as we were waiting to be joined by some of our off-spring. Presents have now been opened, and I can therefore reveal a little quilting project that kept me busy while living in our small bed-sit this summer ^^

A set of six place mats for eldest son and ‘Titia.


Originally I was only going to make four, but after cutting my strips, I realised I would be able to make a matching set of six ^^ 


So I did lol.  Three different fabrics, with the écru being repeated for binding and for two backs.


As you can see, I have also used the floral and red fabric for backing too . . . which makes for some reversible place mats.



I had lots of fun matching my fabrics for this project.  As always, I’ve kept things simple, believing that less is often more, and I’m really pleased with the way they turned out.


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