two patchwork & cross stitch cushion covers for Christmas

a few days ago I showed you a sneak peek of some last minute crafting for Christmas . . . now Christmas is behind us, I can show you the finished cushion covers ^^

These were last minute sewing projects because I had been scratching my head trying to think of ideas for my two French nieces, aged 13 and 10.  They really have everything they need, and I wanted to come up with an original idea. Something that would be useful, but also decorative.  In my cross stitch “finished projects” drawer, I have lots of lovely stitchings, just waiting to be finished, so I delved in, chose two designs that I thought would be appreciated, and set to work.

The first one is for my 13 year old niece.  A very mature young lady, for her age, who actually saw me stitching this design in the summer of 2013, and she really loved it.  The design is “Bear and Raspberry”, a kit by RTO.


I chose a very “grassy” fabric and kept things very simple with some sparse straight line quilting.



For my second niece who is 10 years old . . . I decided to use a very bright, pink, “girlie” cross stitch piece called “Polka dots Matrioska” a chart by Madame Chantilly, also stitched in 2013.  Because of the bright colours of the design, I went for some really bright strips lol.


I decided to be very adventurous on the quilting, and did free motion stippling.  Unfortunately, I did some crossing over on one band, which spoils the overall effect – in fact, I can see nothing but that area lol.


whereas there is more successful stippling happening elsewhere


Anyway, I don’t think my niece will mind too much about the imperfect stippling . . . and hope she’ll enjoy cuddling up with her cushion when watching her favourite cartoons on TV.

And, just because I’m so very pleased with myself lol . . . a photo of the two cushion covers side by side


Two totally different cushions for two very different girls ^^  They love them !


14 thoughts on “two patchwork & cross stitch cushion covers for Christmas

  1. Your cushion covers are beautiful, Claire, and such a good idea (that I might borrow) – your nieces must have been thrilled with their gifts. Stippling – good on you … I’m too chicken to try it.

    • I’ll give you the same reply I gave Carole lol.
      I have a really cheapo machine so I am living proof that you don’t need a super machine. You just need to want to give it a go. I did lots of trials on scrap fabric and wadding . . . but once you try, you’ll find it very hypnotic ^^ You do, however, need a darning foot otherwise you can’t see where you’re going or where you’ve been.

  2. well if I can manage on my cheapo sewing machine from Lidl . . . ^^
    the main thing is to give it a go on some scraps. It’s very addictive once you get going, but it does demand a lot of concentration, eye/hand/foot coordination, and yes, a pinch of courage because it’s always a worry that you’re going to botch up a sewing project on the last stage.

    • yep, lots of fun in store, playing around with fabric. Need to buy some more velcro though. Wonder if Lidl are going to have some in soon?

  3. they look great, well done on the finishes. I love that Matroyshka design. I avoid stippling as I think it’s quite hard to avoid crossing over, I prefer using a loopy design for FMQ where you’re supposed to cross the lines, much easier!

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