fancy joining me for a walk?

As a dog-owner – Blackjack being the current dog of the family  – I put on my coat and shoes, pick up the leash, and go out every day for a breath of fresh air.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow, me and my dog are out ^^  I haven’t really had time to discover any interesting walks in the area yet, but today I took my camera with me to take a few photos and show you some of the things we pass by on one of our little walks.

I’ve mentioned, that our house is behind an old 12th century church – you’ll need to bear that in mind as it will serve as a “pin” to where the house is.  As we leave the house and cross the road, leaving the church behind us, the first thing we see is the Château de Bublanne (better photo on the way back)


I’ve no idea how old this building is (will have to google) but I have noticed some lights on behind closed shutters in the evening so some rooms, at least, are inhabited.

Walking past the Château, we arrive at a “calvaire”


I’ll have to remember to take some photos in the Spring when things are looking less barren.

On a little circuit, up and down a few village streets, and there’s another calvaire


look at those blue skies and sunshine!  Hard to believe we’re only a few days away from Christmas!  Another photo of the first calvaire on the way back (as we did a loop) to show that we really are out in the sticks: fields on the left and woodland on the right ^^


the white building you can see at the end of the road is the church, so we didn’t go very far.  And better views of the Château on the way home



Time now for a fresh coffee, or maybe you’d prefer a cup of tea?


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