sewing at last–yay!

Can you tell, from the title, that I’m a happy lady today?  Yep, to hell with getting my sewing room straight . . . I decided it was straight enough for me to sit and sew, even if it took me ages to rifle through my fabrics and find all my bits (rotary cutter, tape measure etc). 

I haven’t finished what I set out to do, but have done all the stripping, and preparation.  All fabric, wadding, backing fabric, and backing of cushion covers is cut.  Nothing is ironed – but I’ll worry about that before I actually start assembly.

Two “sneak peek” photos just to show you two totally different colour-schemes. Choice of fabric was dictated simply by colour of threads in cross stitch designs and how much I had of certain fabrics.

One is going to be quite simple and “sober” because I want the cross stitch design to really stand out.


The other is going to be much much brighter, and very “girlie” ^^


I probably won’t get any time to sew tomorrow as we have appointment at MIL’s with social worker to discuss what home-help she is entitled to.  However, I still have five full days before Christmas and one full day is really all I will need ^^

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