Cream-crackered aptly describes how I feel after a day of unboxing and sorting ^^  Once my other half gets going, there’s no stopping him – a real slave driver – and today he had decided we were going to get the “guest room” sorted, and move miscellenaeous boxes up into the attic.

I won’t show you what the attic looks like now lol because boxes are stacking up there!  However the “guest room” looks better.  This is what it looked like the other day


And this is what it looks like today


All those boxes and suitcases have gone, although Blackjack is still there lol.

And where have contents of boxes gone? I hear you ask.  All stacked on our old black units.



Yep, the beach scene, 1970s wallpaper & carpet are all still there . . . but we’re not redecorating this year.  Idea is to get everything unpacked first, make rooms fit for living in, and we’ll worry about interior decoration in 2015.

While the “guest room” is now nice and tidy, and ready for our first guests (eldest son and Titia who will be coming to visit for the New Year), my sewing room looks pretty much the same as before.  It’s gone from this


to this


OMG . . . it actually looks even MORE chaotic than before Rire  . . . doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any crafting just yet, does it?

Not to worry . . . animals are all happy, and that’s the main thing.  Le Bleu and Gandalf have been sleeping on the new couch (which looks a mess already too)


Blackjack is a lucky chappie, because we found another surprise in a big cupboard . . . not quite my taste in fabrics but it’s a very comfy bed


And just to prove how cream-crackered I am . . . very unflattering photo of yours truly, with Merlin.  I need a haircut, I am wearing a hand-me-down quilted jacket thingy (present from MIL who worries about me catching cold) but here I am, in all my glory having a well-deserved sit down.


Question now is: what are we having for dinner?  and . . . am I expected to cook? Rire


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