a Monday pell-mell

Goodness me, two posts in 2 days lol . . . nope this doesn’t mean I’ve come to the end of unpacking, simply that I need a break, so I thought I’d do some blogging.

First up – with the chaos of no internet or telephone prior to the move, I think I forgot to pass on some not very good news concerning Willow.  You’ll remember she went missing on 9th Sept.  Well . . . shortly before we were due to move, my sister-in-law (whose house and garden is right next door to the bed-sit we were living in) was doing some clearing up in her garden and discovered a cat’s corpse.  I say “corpse” because the thing was so badly decomposed, we couldn’t identify it 100% as Willow. However, it was definitely a cat, looked to be long-haired, way to dirty to even guess the colour, but we think it was too much of a coincidence: cat missing over 2 months, decomposing corpse found only next door . . . I’d say there’s more than a fair chance it was her. 

I did think about scraping it up and taking it along to vet in a bin-liner to see if the micro-chip was still inside . . . but then thought better of it.  He would not have thanked me Confus, and corpse really was in such an awful state that I honestly didn’t want it in my car (even inside a bin-liner).

So that’s a piece of news (as such) I forgot to give you – apologies to the squeamish ^^  And before you ask: Yes, we did go looking and calling in the garden. That’s one of the first places we looked, but in September, vegetation was so dense, it was impossible to inspect every square inch.

A photo of a living cat next lol


Gandalf is starting to show signs of ageing with his dicky heart.  He’s only 8 and a half, and has been on daily heart-medication for several years now.  He’s still all cuddly and affectionate, but is slowly becoming less active and preferring just to curl up in a comfortable corner to snooze.  Needs help with cleaning himself too these days.   When we start letting the cats outside to play in their new surroundings, I think I’ll be keeping Gandalf indoors. 

Please note the festive cushion in photo lol.  That’s an Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier design I stitched a few years ago . . . which makes a nice transition to my next subject. . . I noticed that sewandso has begun selling Isabelle Vautier designs – yay!   I was so pleased to see they’ve begun adding some of her charts to their shop.  Not that I’ll be buying them from sewandso, since I can order directly from the lady herself (and she’s such a lovely lady!).  However, I know that people living outside of France have trouble finding her designs . . . so now, you can hop over to sewandso!  They don’t have her complete catalogue yet, but they are adding more.

Christmas, you will not have failed to notice, is now only 10 days away.  Today I actually found a length of ribbon and have begun displaying the xmas cards we’ve received so far this year. That’s about the only festive touch in the house so far.  However, the tree will have to go up soon, and when it does, I have a new little decoration to add. 


This little blackwork embroidery is from DebbieRose.  Debbie is going to kick herself when I tell everyone that it’s JOYEUX Noël with an X Sourire  but not to worry Debbie, . . . it’s gorgeous, and it’ll soon be hanging in our tree.

More fun post too, from Flo . . . who sent me a nice selection of bookmarks and a card (card was already hanging when I took the photo)


So there you have it – my pell-mell for today.


5 thoughts on “a Monday pell-mell

  1. I have often thought of Willow and wondered if she turned up. I am sorry she did not do so how you hoped, but so glad for you that you know what happened to her before you moved. We still have seen no sign of our Tigger, but have not combed the woods this autumn looking for remains. Nor will we, I don’t think. I do get sad when I see cuddly affectionate tabby cats. Our Allie and Zumba are lovely and fun, but NOT cuddly. I hope your Gandalf surprises you and feels some better when you get settled. These little fur balls become our hearts, and then break them.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Willow. I’ve been wondering if you’d heard anything, but was hoping for better news.
    I think keeping Gandalf in is the best thing to do. We kept our Mackie in for his last few years as the diabetes was causing more and more problems for him. Keeping him in let us monitor him and give him lots of love.

    • yes I think indoors is best for Gandalf – the house is big enough for him to get some exercise if he needs to run up and down stairs ^^

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