SAL “Friendship Quilt” stage four

Time for ladies working on our SAL to show an update ^^  As you’ll remember, Avis, of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself are stitching “Friendship Quilt V” by Whispered by the Wind, and there are eight other ladies stitching along, each working on a different project. The fun being in motivating each other and doing 3-weekly update posts.

I have had very little time to stitch on this project since the move, although I did manage some work in the week prior to the upheaval. Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep up my usual pace of 2 blocks per stage, so I’ll just show you what I’ve done.


the cross design doesn’t have backstitch yet, and I haven’t come very far with my eighth block, but any progress is better than none ^^

Don’t forget to check out what Gun, Carole, Kate, Eleanor, Alison, Jule, Elizabeth and Wendy are busy working on. And stay tuned for our next update on 4th January 2015.


16 thoughts on “SAL “Friendship Quilt” stage four

      • I know what you mean , I’ve seen the pics of your new house. You’ll have you space fixed up in no time 🙂

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