I have mail and clean floors lol

Hello everyone!  Less than two weeks to go before Christmas!  I hope you’re all busy with your preparations?  I’m not.  I won’t be sending cards out this year but I’m sure I’ll be excused.  However, I have been receiving xmas mail from fellow stitchers/bloggers, so the new postlady must think I’m a very popular person ^^

Monique la Bretonne sent me a lovely card to welcome us to our new home, plus a bookmark for my collection.


Yvonne made a gorgeous card using an origami technique


Lilubelle has also been having fun with paper folding . . . and made some little birds and a Christmas tree


Agnès sent me a bookmark, bought during a holiday in Alsace


and Christine, who makes the most beautiful embroidered cards, sent me a card AND a little calendar 2015


I still haven’t found time to start sorting out my sewing room. There are more boring/practical to things to do in the house first . . . like keeping on top of basic household chores (washing, ironing, cleaning loos) and washing the floor.  Big house means lots of floors to clean and I worked through the ground floor today, having to empty and refill my bucket several times, floors were that dirty. 

The great thing about the ground floor though, apart from being tiled throughout, is the choice of tiles.  A lovely smooth surface to mop over . . . and a mottled effect in tiles so that even if I don’t keep them perfectly mopped, it won’t really notice ^^

These are the floor tiles in kitchen and larder


and this is the colour in hallway, downstairs loo and living room


Am now off upstairs with my vacuum cleaner to do floors on the first floor ^^


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