look what we found lol

The last few days have been spent doing more clearing and sorting. My husband had told previous owners (a couple in their late 70s) that if there was anything they couldn’t take with them, they could leave behind for us.  Aside from two very large piles of logs for the fire, they left a lot of good carpentry wood (the man was a carpenter by trade), some tools, a hand water pump and other oldies but goodies in the garage & storage room . . . not sure if these old wood burners would actually work if restored, but it looks like we’ve got the beginnings of a collection lol



We found, sadly, an incomplete table, riddled with woodworm.  The top should be in three parts, but we only have two. We think the owners must have thrown out the other part and forgot where they had put the rest.



But the icing on the cake . . . an old dresser ^^

It’s sadly also got an attack of woodworm (contaminated by the table which was stashed behind), which is obviously why they left it behind in the storage room . . . but that hasn’t put us off.  My husband has begun treating the wood and will give it a second treatment over the coming weeks.



Had a good laugh when I opened the drawer inside the dresser


an assortment of old knives and mouse traps ^^

Haven’t seen any rodent droppings, although I did find some really dusty, cobwebby half-eaten walnuts in a corner behind the dresser once we had pulled it out.  I reckon they’ve been there for years and don’t think we actually have any uninvited guests scurrying around.  Just to make sure though, I’ll be letting the cats into the storage area. If there’s anything there that shouldn’t be, they’ll soon find it and hunt it down.

On a different note . . . you’ll be pleased to hear that I did some stitching tonight – yay!  Yep, we had an early dinner and decided we had done enough unboxing for one day, so I sat down for an hour with my SAL project.  Didn’t get a great deal done as I don’t have my proper little corner all set up yet, but even so, it was lovely to sit and stitch again after so long.  I’ll be posting an update of that on Sunday.


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