boxes everywhere

We’re rattling around rather like two peas in a pod at the moment ^^ 

After spending 5 months in a tiny 40m2 bedsit, it feels rather strange to be in a 150m2 house.  Our bedroom is literally almost as big as the little bedsit we were in, so we’re adjusting to having SPACE again lol.

At the moment, every single room in the house looks a mess.  There are boxes stacked everywhere, but the advantage of large rooms is, we still have room to move around the boxes.  The animals have all decided which room they prefer.  They have taken over what will be our “guest room”. Probably because it’s the warmest room in the house and because we put the familiar old sofa bed in there, along with the inevitable boxes. 


Yep, there’s Blackjack on the sofa bed.  Under normal circumstances I would tell him to get off, but as long as he’s there, he’s not underfoot, so we’ll worry about dog hairs at a later date.  The cats are also in the same room




You’ll have to excuse the beach scene in the background lol.  That will definitely go when we get to the redecorating stage!

My sewing room is going to be the smallest bedroom – and for the moment looks like this


Our bedroom is rather a shambles too, but at least we have a bed and lots of space for lots of bookshelves and a little reading corner, once we get the boxes out of there.


A view from our bedroom balcony, which looks a bit dismal in this season but will be beautiful in the Spring.


And just to show you that we have lots more space up in the attic . . .



and the kitchen, which is probably going to be the first room we do some alterations in.  Not keen on the 1960s green but it’s very spacious



and there is even more storage just round the corner . . . with two “larders”



Anyway – I have not yet found either the time nor the energy to sit down with any crafting.  By the end of every very long day, all I want to do is crawl into bed and give my back and feet a rest.  I’ll try and catch up on blog-reading during coffee breaks over the coming week though, and that might give me the incentive I need to do some crafting of my own.

8 thoughts on “boxes everywhere

    • yes house will look more welcoming in better weather. Not really sure what we’ll use the attic for. For the moment it’s just extra storage space

    • Windows (and doors) were all actually custom-made by previous owner. He was a carpenter by trade and did all of the woodwork in the house himself, including our beautiful stairs

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