SAL – “Friendship Quilt” stage three

I’m really enjoying stitching all these bright greens, oranges and purples  . . . time to show you stage three of my “Friendship Quilt V” (design by Whispered by the Wind).

For my fifth block, which is a corner block, I chose another blackwork filler from the e-book “Ensamplario Atlantio” by Janthé d’Averoigne


and my sixth block (where I made a mistake with symbols and inverted my dark green and dark orange – oops)


Which now have my fabric looking like this


As you can see, I have finished my top row of five.  For the next stage I will be working right to left, and filling in more of my second row.

Can’t wait to pop over to Sewing Beside the Sea to  see which blocks Avis stitched for this stage.

And then do some blog-hopping to see what progress other SALers have made on their stitching projects.  There is Gun, Carole, Kate, Eleanor, Alison, Jule, Elizabeth and Wendy.

Next updates will be posted on 14th December.


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