radio silence

Hello everyone.  This is just a very quick post to say that I’m going to be absent from the internet over the next 2 weeks (apart from a scheduled post coming soon).

The reason – our phone company made a complete and utter balls up when we sent instructions to have phone line “moved” to new house in December, and instead of beginning a moving process, they cut off our line.  We are therefore without internet until after 1st December.  I can check mails and such on my SIL’s computer, but don’t want to bother her too much, so blogging will be on pause until after the move


Good news however – everything is finally moving forwards.  Bank has been reactive and transfer of funds was done speedily.  Solicitor will receive money by early next week . . . and we’ll be good to go for the signing on 28th November as planned.

The move will happen on 1st December – and then my husband will have several weeks off work so that we can unpack and begin to settle in properly.

I wish you lots of crafting fun and will be back on line asap.



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