“Japan Touch” and “Asiexpo”

Sunday is usually a very quiet, stay-at-home day for me.  Yesterday was different!  I went here with my niece and a group of her friends.


There were tens of thousands of visitors and something for everyone.  For fans of Manga, video games, Cosplay, and everything related to modern Japanese culture it was sheer paradise.  Many people were walking about dressed as up as their favourite Manga character giving out “Free Hugs” lol.

I was more interested in the “Asiexpo” side of things – where there were lots of displays of more traditional Asian culture. 

Here are a few photos.  First of the bonsai exhibition






Then of some antique embroidery and needle work from the Yunnan.


A Naxi tunic in batik (the top part) and embroidery



This is a Miao “baby carrier” with appliqué of traditional designs like lotus, butterfly and phoenix

A close up of a Miao belt, from the Yunnan



A Naxi bag from the Yunnan


A Naxi cape, in appliqué and embroidery


and then there were some gorgeous little hats for babies.  Apparently the Miao tradition is to make a little hat for babies, to cover their heads and protect them from evil spirits.  Babies and young children wear these hats until they are 6-7 years old.  There is a tiny efigy of a baby hiding inside the top part of the hat. Can you see it?



These first two would be for little girls, with the tassles hanging around like hair.


This one would be for a little boy ^^  You can also see some gorgeous batik fabric in the background.

There were plenty of other things to look at too.  Lots of demonstrations of martial arts, for example . . . 


fun Sumo wrestling


And, of course, lots of eye candy, with Japanese fabrics on sale.



I was pretty good . . . and didn’t go totally mad.  I did treat myself though.  I bought 8 fat quarters of fabric



and couldn’t resist buying a new pair of Kokeshi dolls for my collection.  I prefer the traditional style of dolls which look very much like “skittles”.  The body is a simple cylinder, with a round head on top.


They are a lot less colourful than the modern Kokeshis but I prefer them for their simplicity and the fact that the natural vein of the wood is visible.  This little pair measure approx 9cm high.  They will soon be able to join the rest of my collection which looks like this


(my collection of wooden dolls with Japanese kokeshis on top shelf and Russian dolls on lower shelf).


5 thoughts on ““Japan Touch” and “Asiexpo”

  1. WOW the Embriodery on these garments is amazing! such dedicated art work, Love the little dolls and trees as well, lovely post!

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