only 3 weeks to be patient

My husband and I have just been to re-visit our future home, and confirm dates for the final signing ^^  Current owners have been busy emptying the house – they’ve almost finished, in fact and they said they are ready when we are.

We’ve agreed to keep the original date, as planned.  28th November.  So this coming week, I will be phoning solicitors to make the appointment, contacting bank with instructions to transfer monies, and setting in motion all the other things you need to do when you move house.

In three weeks time, this will be ours (in case you missed photos when I posted in July)



view of back garden, taken from the balcony in the “master bedroom” with the veranda below.  If you look past the back gate, you can see the garage/workshop.



the little stream that runs along the bottom of the orchard, with a little woodland on the opposite side of the stream


the orchard


the vegetable garden (which current owners have left grassed over for several years)


the communal bread oven, which is just in front of our future house, and which is still used


the veranda, where I hope to spend many a happy an hour stitching with my cats


this is the view of the back of the 12th century church that I will have from my “sewing room”


and the front door ^^

It’s been a long wait, but the next 3 weeks should fly by.  I have removal companies coming for quotes and we will have the move scheduled for the first week in December.  It’s all so exciting lol.


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