rain rain, go away

After the gorgeous weather of October, we’ve been having nothing but rain in November.  I realise it’s perfectly normal, but it is so depressing.  The cats don’t like the rain and are refusing to go outside which means they’re getting a bit restless indoors.  Although it’s wet and miserable, temperatures aren’t too low though, so I should be grateful for that ^^

Merlin has found a new place to sit



From there, he has a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in the flat and outside. 

In case anyone is wondering – no news of Willow.  It’s been almost 2 months, so I don’t think we’ll ever see her again.Crafting is happening, slowly but surely.  I stitched Lindashee’s lion – the ninth (and last) in her recent series. 


And more progress has been made on my bag.


Next stage is to make the strap and sew on buttons. 


10 thoughts on “rain rain, go away

    • good question lol. My squares are 12cm which makes my bag approx 30cm high. You can obviously make it bigger or smaller depending on what size squares you use. I like this size because it’s a medium/small tote bag.

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