“Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

Photos to show you stitching for part 2 of “Friendship Quilt V” by Whispered by the Wind, that I’m stitching along with Avis.

We’re aiming at 2 blocks every 3 weeks, because we also have the “sashing” to stitch as we go.  So my two blocks this week


and an overall view of my four blocks.



You can check out Avis’ progress on Sewing Beside the Sea . . . and also admire the stitchings of the other ladies in our SAL.  They’re all working on completely different projects, so it’s wonderful to see the variety.

Gun, Carole, Kate, Eleanor, Alison, Jule, Elizabeth and Wendy.

21 thoughts on ““Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

    • we haven’t actually stitched identical blocks yet ^^ With 20 to choose from it could be a while before our stitching shows any similarities

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