lots of little things

Days (and probably coming weeks) are going to see me with a little less crafting time.  Mother-in-law had a fall and is in hospital with fractured hip, so will have the daily drives to hospital to visit her instead of being able to just pop down the road.  Also, end of October is here, which means I need to start worrying about the next move and contact companies for removal quotes.  Good thing is there will be very little packing to do this time since most of our belongings are still in boxes ^^

I won’t be working on any large projects until things settle, so am keeping myself amused with lots of little things.  

First up – my bag has seen some more progress.  I am now at this stage


Next step is to sew up all side seams, add buttons and then make straps.  I’m really pleased with it so far, and especially proud of the squareness of my squares ^^  Everything is matching up perfectly.

On the cross stitch front . . . I stitched Lindashee’s little bunny


Next week, I’ll be able to show you the ninth design in this series, all stitched up, and will get down to some serious card-making.  For the moment, I’ve just been slipping fabric into cards to give you the general idea – nothing is stuck down.

AND . . . I also decided to get ahead of myself and finish off the cupcakes.  So November


and December are stitched


I’ll take a better photo of the entire set once I’ve done my finishings to show you.  For info, these cupcakes are by Lorraine Clarke and you can find charts on Cyberstitchers.


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