bag progress and beginnings of November Mystery SAL

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve been having a productive weekend?  I know I have ^^

First of all, a little progress on my new patchwork bag.  After all the cutting and preparation of circles, I have now pinned all 16 squares and begun hand-stitching with the first thread. Stitches aren’t terribly regular, but I’ve learned (after making two in the same style) that it won’t really matter too much. Once I start adding the second colour, any irregularities will be hard to spot.  For the time-being: 6 squares done with first colour, which means 10 to do this afternoon.


Some cross stitching too with the first part of the new November Mystery SAL designed and organised by Hélène et Mahélia.

Claire et01 Nov SAL

If you followed progress of the October SAL (with the little pixie) you might be tempted to take part and I would highly recommend you do!  You can join by leaving a comment on the article NOVEMBER MYSTERY SAL

Hélène speaks English, so the language barrier won’t be a problem ^^  “Rules” are very simple.  You sign up, and can download the first stage directly from Hélène’s blog.  You stitch first stage, send a photo to Hélène (her email address is on the pdf) . . . and she then sends you chart for part 2.  Stages are always very quick to stitch.  The only thing Hélène asks, is that we don’t publish our final photo until we have actually MADE the stitching into something.  If you don’t have exact colours for threads, it doesn’t matter.  You can make use of leftovers and use approximate colours.

If you can’t keep up with the pace of 2 stages per week, it doesn’t matter either. You stitch at your own pace, following the “rules” of sending photo after each stage and Hélène will still send you the chart for each new stage.


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