excuses, excuses

Yep, that’s what happening in the crafting area at the moment.  I have lots of ideas of things to make, and, if I organised myself properly, I could find loads of time.  But I am totally unorganised.  Every day little things keep distracting me, so that nothing gets done.  If I actually got up at a reasonable hour, that would help, but I’ve become ever so lazy since the move and am sleeping in literally every day!

Anyway – I have been making some preparations . . . and now that pieces are all ready, I really have no excuse not to get this project underway.  It’s my future patchwork bag.


As you can see, I now have everything ready to start pinning and sewing.  16 circles, 16 print squares, and 16 wadding squares.  I have my contrasting thread as well as my buttons . . . the question is: “where are my pins?” 

Another excuse for my go-slow . . . I’ve been giving Lindashee a hand.  For those of you who follow her blog, she is publishing a series of 9 little animal charts at the moment.  She planned on stitching each design, in time for publication every Monday, but is snowed under with studies.  She did manage to stitch the first 6 of her nice designs, and I then offered to help. 

Here’s the one I stitched on the train to and from Marseille at the weekend.


a very cuddly grey Chinchilla. 

I already know what the remaining two designs are – hihi – that’s the advantage of being Lindashee’s official stitcher lol.  And have just this minute sent photo so that Lindashee can schedule her next post to publish on time, on Monday.  You, however, will have to be patient ^^

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