just browsing not buying

I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying browsing on the internet, checking out what’s new in my favourite on-line shops.  I have no intention of buying anything, since I treated myself only recently to a new kit ^^ BUT there’s no harm in keeping up to date, is there?

My tastes in cross stitch are fairly varied.  Anything can catch my eye, from the simple to the more intricate.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of some new designs on the market – photos are from sewandso, which is where I do most of my buying.

Witch's Stitches Chart Leaflet

“Witch’s Stitches” a chart by Sue Hillis Designs.  Very seasonal and lots of gorgeous purples ^^

A Christmas design

Cheerful Santas Cross Stitch Kit

This is a kit by Vervaco called “Cheerful Santas”. 

You can tell I’m attracted by bright colours, because the next one really has me tickled pink ^^  Can just see this hanging in a child’s bedroom or maybe as a little wall hanging in a modern kitchen

Teapot Mouse Cross Stitch Kit

This is a Bothy Threads kit called “Teapot Mouse”

And in total contrast,

Morning in the Country Cross Stitch Kit

“Morning in the Country” a kit by RTO.  This is a very large, complex design.  I can almost smell that fresh country air, and feel the gentle breeze. 

I won’t tempt you with anymore ^^  I have managed to resist temptation, and finished my “window shopping”, for the time-being, at least ^^ 


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