October Mystery SAL

Hihi, I’ve just signed myself up to follow a fun “mystery SAL” for October.  The person running this is a very talented designer, Hélène, and it’s taking place on her blog Hélène et Mahélia.  Rules are quite “strict” because you have to sign up and then send in photos of each update, whereupon Hélène then sends the chart for the next stage. 

It’s a really fun way to stitch because I have absolutely no idea what we’re actually stitching lol.  Hélène gives colours, but we’re free to mess around and use what we have in our leftover stash. 

claire  et1

This is my first stage complete. Colours are my interpretation of “mustard” and “heather”.  Other stitchers have already done part 2, but I signed up late, so will catch up asap.  Stages are each Wednesday and Saturday, with 6 in total. 

If you fancy joining in the fun, Hélène speaks and writes very good English, so feel free to sign up. She allowed me to join late, so I’m sure she’ll welcome other stitchers.  You can sign up by asking on the first post about the SAL – you’ll find it by clicking on the following link:

Oct SAL Mystère.


6 thoughts on “October Mystery SAL

    • yes I took part in several of Hélène’s SALs several years ago and then for some reason, I stopped. I don’t know why, because her designs are always great fun to stitch, and they are always great for finishing off into little gifts. I suspect this one has an autumn theme . . . maybe flying leaves or long wooly scarves?

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