more little stitching: Lindashee and Wyrd Byrd

I’m on a roll with little stitching projects – I just love small projects at this time of year ^^  They give me a sense of achievement, and “instant gratification”. 

Have just slipped fabrics into cards (again), not stuck down or anything, so colour choice for cards is not final.  However, it makes for a prettier photo to show you something almost finished.

First little piece to show you is Lindashee’s squirrel.  I spotted a few red squirrels in the woods behind our future house, when we visited, and I really love these little animals. So agile and graceful, aren’t they?


And second design is a blackwork. Design by Wyrd Byrd.  I did some more colouring in with pencils.  Could possibly do with me darkening some areas, but I need to find a pencil sharpener.



7 thoughts on “more little stitching: Lindashee and Wyrd Byrd

  1. Lovely cards. I love Lindashee’s critters. Interesting idea to colour in the Wyrd Byrd design – I’ve done that with embroidery but never considered it for x-stitch …. thanks for the good idea.

    • yep ^^ I actually lick my pencil tips (probably best to dip them in water) to make the colours slightly darker, otherwise it’s very pastel

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