Ginger Tom

No I’m not going to give you another cat lesson ^^  Today “Ginger Tom” is something to do with cross stitching lol.  Let me explain.

When Avis and myself were preparing for our current SAL, I said I would order two copies of the chart (to save on p&p from US) and then post hers to England. Which I did.  This meant that Avis owed me the cost of a chart ^^  Rather than ask her to send me the money, I decided to ask for her to send me two fabrics from her shop.  You may, or may not not, that Avis runs a little on-line shop with some lovely fabrics for patchwork.

Avis said “not a problem” (or words to that effect) and I received my fabric.


colours are much prettier in real life – weather here is awful and can’t take a decent photo.

Avis also sent along a surprise gift . . . which is where Ginger Tom comes into the picture.


A lovely bookmark kit, complete with two pieces of aida, chart in b&w and in colour and threads & needle. Two pieces of fabric because the chart offers a small heart design to stitch on the back of the bookmark.  I will probably stitch just one side and then back with felt . . . which means I’ll be able to stitch a second bookmark ^^

3 thoughts on “Ginger Tom

    • I actually chose the fabric ^^ Green because that’s one of my favourite colours and grey because I have no (or very little) grey in my fabric stash.

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