a little bit of retail therapy and another Lindashee finish

It’s been cold, wet and windy here the past few days. Perfectly normal for this kind of year, of course, but a little depressing nonetheless.  So what does a girl do to cheer herself up?  A little bit of retail therapy!

Actually, today I went out for something not much fun . . . a clothes airer.  Living in our little flat, and with autumn now here, I’m having trouble getting my laundry dry so set off to buy a little clothes airer which I won’t bother showing. A clothes airer is just a clothes airer, after all ^^  However, while in the shop, I couldn’t resist a really soft, fluffy plaid.  Something to snuggle up under in the evening . . . and Le Bleu has already given it his seal of approval.


a white fleece on one side and lovely “old rose” on the other side.

My other retail therapy was done on-line . . . and arrived today (thank you sewandso, always so quick to dispatch).  Some threads to match with my fabrics for the patchwork bag I am making


a couple of packs of cards


and . . . a little extra treat for myself


This Vervaco kit contains fabric and threads to stitch just one of the zodiac designs, but includes charts for all twelve.  I’m planning on sorting through my evenweave, and stitching all 12 over 1 on the same piece of fabric to have a miniature set. What I will do with it after hasn’t yet been decided ^^  For the moment I am tempted to stitch designs 2 x 6 but I need to do a stitch count and some maths before I make my mind up.  Am thinking a “bell pull” finish would make a nice change.

The cards I bought will soon be put to good use.  I have several small designs I stitched that would look great as cards, including this little chap.


He is one of Lindashee’s free designs.  As usual, I chose colours a little haphazardly – going for a mid-grey and darker grey, so he looks a bit different to the original chart.   I stitched on 14 count aida, card aperture is 62mm diameter and it’s a very snug fit ^^  For the photo I just slipped fabric inside card to see how it looked. Nothing is stuck down yet, and I may well choose a different coloured card.


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