thank you Sandrine

A big thank you to Sandrine today, who sent me a very plump enveloppe with loads of bookmarks for my collection.


And a little bit of chit chat . . . nothing exciting, but just to say that it’s been almost 3 weeks since Willow disappeared, and we’ve given up hope of her ever finding her way back home.  I know 3 weeks isn’t very long, but I feel sure IF she was in the vicinty, she would have made her way home by now.  Can only hope she’s been taken in by someone, that they’re looking after her . . . and that one day they’ll take her to a vet, who will be able to contact us because of the electronic chip. 

Anyway, today Merlin and Gandalf both have their annual visit to the vet’s for vaccinations.  And apart from that . . . a little bit of stitching on my agenda later on this afternoon.


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