getting back to some larger projects

I’ve done quite a lot of small projects since the move.  However, since we’re going to be in our temporary accommodation more than 2 months yet, I decided it was time to get out some of my larger projects and pick up where I left off.  Small projects are all well and good, but I don’t want the following to become UFOs !!!

Last time I stitched on the Joan Elliott design “Unicorn & Maiden” was in May when it looked like this

unicorn 20 05a

So, out came some blue thread, and I began work on more of the gown.

unicorn 23 09 14

Not an awful lot of progress but better than none ^^

I’ve also been trying to fit in an hour every morning on my fractal folly “DreamCatcher”.  For those of you who follow, you’ll know I began this in February.  A mammouth project, printed on 25 A4 size pages and with over 100 symbols.  Total madness ^^

Anyway, the previous photo I posted, way back in April was this

14 04 24

I am sorry (ashamed) to say that there is almost no change.

23 09 14

Despite plugging away (at least 5 hours stitching) it hardly looks as if I did anything.  And even worse . . . I’ve got some frogging to do Confus

I’ve made a fudge up, confusing two symbols: the /// and the \\\ so need to brace myself for some unpicking.  I am not looking forward to it!  Wish me luck ^^


5 thoughts on “getting back to some larger projects

  1. Your work is beautiful! Yes, it is easy to confuse symbols however I don’t do colors real well because sometimes when you have that many, they are too close. Thank you for sharing and good luck with the unpicking. I don’t like that part either.

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