“Cirque des Cercles” happy dance

Today is the day for a happy dance – the Ink Circles design I have been stitching since January is now a finished project.

It could have been stitched more quickly, but Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself decided to work it as a SAL, with stages every 3 weeks. 

We were joined along the way by other stitchers, who liked the idea of a SAL to motivate them continue with their various cross stitch projets – you can admire their stitching on their blogs.  There’s Gun of Rutigt; Jule of From the Boudoir and Kate of Tall Tales from Chiconia.

Time for photos ^^



I stitched on a dark green 27 count Lugana, using 2 stands over 2 of Threadworx “Wild Poppies”.  The finished design measures 49cm x 37cm.

Stay tuned to see what Avis and I are going to get up to next ^^

We have already chosen and bought copies of a new chart . . . now need to decide on our fabrics & threads. 


21 thoughts on ““Cirque des Cercles” happy dance

  1. I was going to say I’m a little late but I’m A LOT late with Congrats on finishing the SAL. Beautiful beautiful..

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