a weekend stitching some Lindashee designs

I spent the weekend stitching a couple of Lindashee’s new free designs.  I may be slightly biaised, since she’s my daughter, and I therefore think everything she does is brilliant ^^ but I had lots of fun and have two very small finishes to show.

First I stitched her “Owl Plush” – I didn’t use the exact colours she suggested since I was delving into my “leftovers” bag . . . so my version is perhaps slightly brighter than the original chart.


And then I picked up a piece of “rustic” looking aida and stitched the first in her new “I love pets” series: The Fox


A slight problem with that one . . . I was using an orange, leftover from my Lorikeets, happily stitching away, when suddenly, I ran out of thread!  It was Anchor thread, so I did the colour conversion and found the corresponding DMC.  It’s not exactly the same shade, and I know where the join is . . . but it doesn’t show up too much in the right lighting lol.

I was planning on making these two designs into cards BUT after a rummage up on the mezannine, I can’t find my card-making supplies.  Oh well, I will pop these two into my zipper pouch along with all the other little projects I’ve finished over the last few months.  Will be able to have an intensive card-making session once we’ve moved into our new house and unpacked.

In case you’re not already a follower of Lindashee’s blog . . . she published the second chart in her “I love pets” series today.  A little racoon.  He’s next on my list of quick stitches ^^


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