Willow’s gone missing

Title says it all – Willow has gone missing Triste

I kept all cats indoors a full 2 months after the move, before I had to let them have some freedom, for their sanity and ours.  The “boys” are all pretty streetwise and immediately began nipping out, exploring the area.  During those first few days, Willow (the only girl of our cat family) just watched them leaping in and out the window, without attempting to follow.  She then plucked up the courage about a week ago . . . but didn’t go far, preferring to stay close by, and not letting our front window out of her sight.

However, since the night of 9th – 10th Sept, she is a “missing cat”.


I don’t think she actually wandered off and got lost. I think she merely looked lost, and some passerby thought they were being a good Samaritan and took her home.  It’s happened to Willow before. Not quite sure why she gives the impression of being lost when she isn’t.  Must be all that fluffiness.   Anyway, result is the same. I have no idea where she is. 

Have done all the usual.  Posted her photo on two internet sites specifically for lost & found pets; phoned the vet so he can put an “alert” on the central file for microchips.  Printed out some flyers with her photo on and handed them to some local shopkeepers to stick in the window . . . and printed out some smaller flyers that I actually distributed, door to door (or should I say, letter box by letter box) in all the houses and flats within a certain radius.

Now it’s a question of wait and see.  Assuming she has been found, and isn’t lying squished or injured somewhere, sooner or later someone will have to take her to a vet (one would hope). In the meantime, I’m going to follow a piece of advice I found on the net:  every evening, at the same time, to call her name at regular intervals.  If she’s outside, and within a 250m radius, theory is, she will hear me calling and will be able to use the sound of my voice to find her way.


19 thoughts on “Willow’s gone missing

    • for the moment I’m nuturing the hope that she’s been picked up by a “good samaritan” since it’s more optimistic than the “squished” option. Unfortunately, with cats, there’s a constant worry that something will happen to them when they go out. But it’s early days yet – my little flyers have worked in the past, I hope they will work again!

  1. oh, Claire, I feel your pain, Tigger has been gone 6 weeks. I have given up hope for her, but I am sure Willow will return safely to you. It has only been a few days, cats do this. I had a cat who twice left me for 5 days, and she always returned safe and wondering what all the fuss was about.

  2. Oh no. I do hope Willow comes home soon. I know what it’s like when a cat goes walkabout and won’t answer your calls. My Mackie would only disappear for up to 24 hours but it was always scary.
    I’ll be thinking about you.

    • yes Carole, Merlin often disappears for 24 or 48 hours on end, but we’re used to his wanderings. The problem with Willow is she never goes far and never stays out overnight, so it’s a very worrying time.

      • Oh dear. Our neighbor stopped by last night to say he saw a little cat run across the road when he was coming home. So, I bundled up and went out in the rain with a big flashlight, calling and calling. I can’t believe Tigger wouldn’t come home if she was that close, and it was raining. But still, our hearts pick up the hope so easily, even after all this time. I hope you find Willow so that you can stop worrying and wondering.

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