dusting off a UFO

Now a UFO (unfinished object) is something most crafters have secretly stashed away. It’s that project you started ages ago, all fired up with good resolutions, and that then got shoved in the back of drawer and forgotten about. Well, not really forgotten, because you still have that niggling voice in the back of your head reminding you it’s there ^^

I have a couple of UFOs, but with lots of things in boxes, because of the move, I also have an excellent excuse not to go rummaging.  However, I did find one, that I’d stored in a more accessible place . . . a project I began way way back in Januiary 2010 (gosh was it really that long ago?).  Fabric is grubby, and even my threads are grubby, but I decided it was time to get back to work and finish.  I’ll give it a wash and iron when complete  . . . in the meantime, the grubbiness is serving as a reminder that it doesn’t do to leave projects lying around for years ^^

The project is “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude and I honestly don’t know how it ever became a UFO because I still think the design is gorgeous and the colours are so vibrant.

Here’s what it looked like the other day


It’s literally 3/4 done since the three birds to the right are complete (aside from a white stitch in the eyes and a little back stitching around feet.  I can’t believe I gave up so close to the end!  Anyway, it has become my evening project and I am determined it will be finished very soon.  Progress looks like this


I’ve filled in the rest of the sky (which is the correct blue but is grubby), begun stitching the green plummage of last bird, and also the leaves to the far left.  Next photo should be to show you a happy dance!


9 thoughts on “dusting off a UFO

  1. I rediscovered a few UFOs this past weekend while cleaning the “craft corner”. One is so dusty I’m not sure what to do with it – but it’s so close to being finished I simply must find a way to continue! It’s a Christmas design, so there’s my deadline! Can’t wait to see your finished birds!

    • oh yes, you have plenty of time to get if finished for xmas! I’ve had to wash my grubby fabric today, one of the cats puked up a furball on it during the night lol. Am now waiting for it to dry so I can continue stitching tonight.

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