ladies who lunch

Another trip into Lyon today to meet up with Lindashee for lunch ^^  It won’t become a regular weekly event because Lindashee will soon be inundated with studies and 3D animation but this week, being the first of the new term, her timetable was relatively light.

We met up again at Place Bellecour, and had lunch in an Asian restaurant. This time, I thought to take photos of lunch.  We both chose one of the set menus which included soup and salad for starters


Then the main course . . . for Lindashee


and for me


After that, we headed to the 1st “arrondissement” and La Place des Terreaux.  A large paved square with the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville) on one side


and the Bartholdi Fountain


There’s me, with the sun in my eyes (again) in front of the fountain which represents a woman (personifying France) with two small children in a chariot pulled by four horses, which represent the four great rivers of France (the Rhône, the Seine, the Garonne and the Loire). 

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1834 – 1904)  was a French sculptor, probably most famous for The Statue of Liberty, in New York.

After that little bit of culture ^^ we did a bit of shopping.  We stumbled across a fabric shop, so in we went . . . and although I have a huge stash, I couldn’t resist buying some more.


This caught my eye.  It’s the same piece of fabric with (going across the width of the bolt) about 30cm of the solid colour, then the print, and another 30cm of the solid. 

And then a few bits from the end of bolt basket


Two Christmasy fabrics (40cm by bolt width) and one pastel/floral fabric which actually blends in rather well with the solid from the first piece. 

So an excellent day out ^^  Gorgeous weather, a chance to have a good natter with my daughter, delicious food, a bit of culture AND some crafting stash . . . what more could a woman ask for?


2 thoughts on “ladies who lunch

    • ^^ yes the Father Christmas fabric caught my eye. Could have bought it by the metre, but I reckon with an end of bolt snippet, I have more than enough for some decorations

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