latest news and more blackwork

Latest news to share with you today is that our house sale went through yesterday ^^  We did the return trip in the same day, arriving at the house to do the meter readings with the new owners, then went together to the solicitor’s for signing of contracts.  So one last photo of the house where we spent the last 13 years.


Last weeks had been a little stressful, but in the end, it all worked out.  We now have to be patient for the next stage – the buying.  Three months to go. 

Aside from that excellent news, I have a little stitching to show you.  Another free design found on the internet. 


This is called “Doily” and is a design by Jeanne Dansby.  You can find it, and other designs on her blog Byrd’s Nest.  I have already printed out several of her designs and there are even more on her website WyrdByrd’s Nest.  I really do suggest you take a look because she offers some wonderful blackwork designs just waiting to be stitched.


5 thoughts on “latest news and more blackwork

    • the current owners of the house we’re buying won’t be ready to move into their new home until end of November, so we’ve agreed to be patient and wait. Means 3 months in our small flat, but it’ll be Worth it in the end ^^

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