thank you Laura and Annie

I may have had to say goodbye to my English students when we moved house at the end of June, but I have been keeping in touch via email (with some of them at least) and was very touched to receive some surprise mail through the post too.

Laura sent me some cross stitch goodies


two magazines, 12 skeins and a book with monochrome designs.  The Christmas themed magazines will be great for choosing some small designs to stitch up for tree decorations. Threads ALWAYS come in handy, and there is a design in the monochrome book that has caught my fancy ^^


but I probably won’t stitch in white.

I also learned something new about one of students, Annie . . . I knew she knitted when she found the time, but I didn’t realise she was also into card-making!  She made and sent a lovely card


I love the colours, and I really love the inside, where the leaves are sort of 3D, standing out from the background


So a big thank you to Annie and Laura ^^


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