some reading first

Something I inherited from my Dad, is always wanting to read and learn as much as I can about a subject before jumping in feet first and taking on something new.

Now, since we’ve found the house of our dreams, and since I have been looking after my sister-in-law’s laying hens . . . my husband and I are thinking about getting our own hens (probably not before next year) . . . so I decided I need to read and do some research first.

I also spotted some tortoises in a local pet shop here the other week. I don’t know what it is about tortoises, but I’ve always dreamed of having one . . . so am also reading up on tortoises.

Now, I know the internet is full of free information, but I do enjoy having a few reference books to hand.  So today I went on amazon and I have spent the gift voucher I received from one of my English groups and ordered all of the following (photos from amazon).

I’ll have lots of reading in store once my order arrives . . . and it will either spur me on or put me off the idea entirely ^^


4 thoughts on “some reading first

  1. Je veux aussi des poules, and now that we’re buying a house with a jardin assez grand, I’ll be able to! I’ve kept them before, so I know exactly what breeds I want, and what they need.

  2. How exciting the possibility of extending your 4 legged and feathered families. I know a few people who have “chooks” as we love to call them in the land of Oz. My niece has a terrapin and he is cute, takes up minimal space. Although a friend of mine has been breeding frogs as they help her garden and she loves the sound when they go “bonk” “croak”

  3. I do exactly the same. Any project, I have to read up on it, usually by visiting Amazon for a selection of books.

    I love the idea of having chickens. All those gorgeous fresh eggs 🙂

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