the suspense is killing me!

I’m not sure if I’ve given the wrong impression in previous articles, since some readers seem to have understood that everything is steaming along on the house front and that we’re already settled in our new home.  This, sadly couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For the moment, we are still completely in limbo.

The sale of our house is due for completion on 4th August . . . and latest news from our buyers doesn’t look very promising.  They have approval for their loans (since yesterday) but don’t seem to think money will be available to transfer before 4th.  In the legal contract, signed with solicitor – it stipulates that if the sale is not completed on 4th, then the contract becomes null and void.

We, in the meantime, have an appointment to do first signings for the house we want to buy on 30th July . . . but that could all go completely down the drain if our buyers can’t complete the following week.

As you can imagine, it’s quite stressful, not knowing if the sale will happen or not.  So, the photos I showed you the other day, may only be a dream . . . if our sale doesn’t complete, we will lose the house we fell in love with and it will be back to visiting more houses.

Blackjack has been feeling the tension, and is back to his foot-eating habit.  Here he is sporting a snazzy black sports sock, to keep his bandages in place


and with his new best friend ^^  They get on like a house on fire . . . always following each other around, and playing in the garden.  You’d think that with a best friend to keep him company, Blackjack would be more relaxed . . . but no, he can sense our stress and he reacts to it.

I mentioned in a previous post that we’re temporarily at my sister-in-law’s, looking after the animals . . . you’ve already seen the hens, now you’ve seen their dog . . . there is also a cat.


It took a while for Blackjack to stop chasing him around . . . now he seems to have understood that this cat belongs in the garden/house . . . and Blackjack has accepted him with no problem.

Meanwhile, our cats are all living in close quarters in the little bedsit that we have on loan (during the transition period of selling and buying).

They’re coping quite well, I have to say but I’m going to have to reduce food rations slightly, as they’re all eating as normal, but not getting any exercise since they can’t go outside.


I was alerted to the weight issue the other day. Le Bleu had a trip to the vet’s for his annual jabs (along with Blackjack for his foot) and had put on 400g.  For a cat, 400g is a lot . . . and that made me realise if he has put on weight, then the others probably have too.

Quick snaps to show you they’re all well




and yes, it looks like they could all do with losing a few hundred grams each ^^


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