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Hello everyone!  I’ve been a bit quiet but that’s because it’s all been happening in this part of the world. House-hunting has been pretty intensive.  Driving round the area, getting a better idea of the location of all the little villages and making appointments with estate agents for viewings.  Latest news is that we’ve made an offer on a house and it’s been accepted – yay!

It was the fourth house (in a relatively short list of nine) that we visited but the first time we saw it, it just felt right.  Walked through the front door, and it felt like home.  We hesitated at first, as it’s a lot bigger and farther out in the sticks than we had envisioned . . . but once we’d seen it, everything else just paled by comparison.


It’s in a small village, in a little cluster of houses just behind the local church and bordering a woodland with little stream.


That’s the church, seen from one of the bedrooms.

There are 3 bedrooms, huge attic, veranda, garage/workshop . . . garden just behind the house



and we have 250m2 of vegetable garden on a separate plot AND 400m2 of orchard!  There are pear trees, apple trees, plum trees and a cherry tree in the orchard. In the garden just behind the house there is a fig tree, vines and a kiwi tree/bush!  So guess who’ll be stuffing herself with kiwis ^^


A view from inside of the front door . . . and of the stairs


As you walk in the front door, you can see through to the living/dining room, and through to the veranda.  House is wonderfully bright. We’ve visited on a sunny day, on an overcast day and on a rainy day . . . it’s lovely no matter what the weather lol.

Anyway – first part of paperwork has begun. We’re now waiting for the sale of our house to conclude (which should happen early August).  All being well, we’ll be moving to our new home sometime in October.

In the meantime – I’m not very present on the internet because we’re still in charge of everything while sister-in-law is away.  Weather has been wet & miserable but that doesn’t stop the figs from ripening ^^



5 thoughts on “latest news

  1. Congratulations – what a lovely property – all those fruit trees – I suspect your MOTH will be a busy “BEE” one day. Love the view from the bedrooms – so excited for you both

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