almost back on line

Hello folks!

Well, the move went smoothly on 23rd and 24th.  A very efficient team of four men for the loading of lorry – in just over 2 hours, they had loaded our 58m3 which meant we were able to leave shortly after and do the drive south.  Cats were very stressed by the journey – 6 hours in a travel box – they’re not used to that. However for Blackjack, Rio and the budgies, the journey was more comfortable.

Delivery happened the next day – slight problem in that our storage room wasn’t big enough to hold everything we wanted to store in there, so we have some extra furniture in our little bedsit that wasn’t planned for. Makes space in the bedsit a little tight, but it’s only temporary.  Photos look a bit dismal (because I hadn’t opened shutters), but the bedsit will be more than big enough for us and our menagerie, while we look for a new house.



We have room in there for a sofa bed, our bed, 2 computer desks, TV unit, my armchair . . . and the cats have approx 8m2 of mezzanine if they choose to stay upstairs.

We have a few minor things to sort out : internet connection, buy an oven, and replace a door . . . but in the meantime, the cats seem perfectly happy. They have furniture they recognise, lots of places to sleep and we pop in and see them a couple of times each day.

Because we are not actually living IN the bedsit yet. We are living next door while family is away, and looking after my mother-in-law. 


This means that Blackjack is able to enjoy the freedom of a large garden, and we are making the most of the swimming pool. 


I’m also in charge of an even bigger menagerie than before, since family have a dog, a cat, a caged bird and three hens ^^  I’ve already decided that I’d like a few hens once we get our next house.  Am really enjoying spending time with “the girls” and it’s ever so exciting to open the coop and find freshly laid eggs.  We’ve had two so far – not sure which of the hens is laying, or whether they take it in turns. 

Anyway, here are “the girls”.




I haven’t had time for any crafting since we moved.  I’m finding the change of air, environment and routine quite tiring.  Have to keep an eye on the clock so that meals are served at set times because of medication . . . and also fitting life around various medical appointments . . . but I’ll become more organised as we progress.

On the house front . . . no news from our buyers regarding their bank loan, so we still don’t know if the sale will be finalised early August.  We have begun visiting houses in the area here – but plan on taking our time to find “the one”.

Everyone (including the dogs) is having an after lunch nap here, except for me.  I’m going to go sit out in the shade and do my first bit of stitching in weeks.


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