a few quick stitches in between boxes

I’m becoming an expert in boxing ^^ – between my husband and myself we’ve already got more than 150 boxes/packages done and stacked up around the house.  The most time-consuming part being having to pack my various collections . . . to give an overall view IMGP7064

of all my wooden dolls lol . . . and that’s only two shelves  – there were also loads of more fragile items to wrap and pack


Anyway, the glass cabinet is empty (except for dust) and my other half has been busy repainting the entire living/dining room so that it looks clean and fresh for the future buyers.  Has been the opportunity to move all units away from the walls and do a thorough clean, so that on the day of the move, we just have to skoot round with the broom and the mop.

I have been too tired in the evenings to do much stitching, apart from keeping up with “Cirque des Cercles” which I showed you earlier.  However, I did also do some more small projects, for my “getting ready for Christmas”.  While tidying, I found a cute chart I’d printed out ages ago, by Clarelis . . . so sat down with some red thread and hey presto.


As you can see, I stitched it several times and made a few changes from the original design.  And since I had a small piece of aida left over, I just stitched the word “Noël” and added a few stars.  So five little bits to finish off as cards of tree decorations later on in the year.

I’m going to have a day off boxing today – will just do some sorting through of my crafting bits, and try to decide what I keep with me and what goes into storage when we move.

I think I mentioned, when we move from here, we’ll be going into temporaray accommodation to give us time to “shop around” and visit for our next house.  It’s going to be very “cosy” lol . . . with 32m2 (that’s including living area, kitchen area and bathroom – the open door at far end).  Front door is the one opposite the kitchen sink.




with approx 8m2 of mezzannine with a very low ceiling, but that will be perfect for the cats ^^


Most of our belongings will be going into storage and we don’t really know, at this stage, how long that will be for. Could be a couple of months, could be until early 2015 . . . it all really depends on how long it takes us to find the next house.  The main thing is, we will have a roof over our heads and my husband will be able to start work after the summer break.

We managed to live, as a family of five, in a 70m2 flat for 12 months . . . I’m sure we’ll survive for a few months in our cosy flat, just the two of us . . . plus one dog, 4 cats, the parrot and 2 budgies lol.


6 thoughts on “a few quick stitches in between boxes

  1. wow.. 150 boxes.. you must be an expert now in packing.. heehee.. and I lvoe your wooden dolls.. thank you for the link to the lovely stitching.. 😉
    hope you are hopping off towards a new adventure and a new house 😀

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