let the boxing begin!

The house looks like it’s been hit by a bomb . . . because the serious part of moving has finally begun.  Yep, removal company delivered boxes and bubble wrap on Saturday, so we haven’t wasted a second.  This intrepid husband and wife team have been wrapping, boxing and stacking ^^  After only two days, we’re both completely cream-crackered already lol but we can’t stop now. 

Like with most things, we perhaps began at rather a fast pace and we literally worked non-stop for two days.  However, now that we have our first neat stacks of boxes, and I have wrapped over 60 framed pictures, we’ve got a better idea of how much we need to tackle each day, so pace will be slightly more relaxed.

Le Bleu has been following all this activity with great interest . . . and I think he’s got the general idea.  First we get a box . . . then we fill up the box ^^


Anyway, after 2 days of boxing, I needed a break.  So this evening I sat down with a quick stitch.  I realised it’s June already . . . so time to stitch Lorraine Clarke’s cupcake. 



3 thoughts on “let the boxing begin!

  1. Very happy you and your Moth are enjoying the lively sport of boxing – at least it is purpose driven, and you have still managed to partake in a little crafting – another gorgeous cupcake – well done

  2. Happy to hear you are in the boxing stage ! and I see Le Bleu knows just what to do with his box 🙂 good luck and have fun..well as much fun as you can have moving keep smiling ^^ Izz

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